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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz & One Member From Team Yaman Fishing
Cast: Azzahar, Salleh, Yan, Josh & Uncle Zainuddin
Date: 14 April 2007
Tide: 2.5m - 1.1m
Spot: CP6 Surfcast Area
Target: Big Game & Small Game

It was at 7.30pm when i have just reached home from Johore Bahru with younger brother fixing his motorcycle. I was rushing through everything by preparing all my fishing gears, bath and eat my dinner with a short time slot as the rest of the cast from Singapore Surf Anglerz were already at the spot.

My uncle (Zainuddin) called me up and asked whether i am going fishing tonight. Later i asked him to buy some squid from the nearest supermarket and be prepared as i will be reaching in 20 minutes time.

Once i had fetched him, went over to Changi Village to get some fishing supplies such as light sticks and batteries for the head light. It was around 9pm when we met the rest of the cast.

As i arrived, the rest of the cast told me that Yan had brought up a nice sized Kaci (Sweetlips). I took out my weighing scale and it weighs approximately 1.2kg flat.

While Josh felt bad as the baby snapper from an emperor's family he caught died as he tried to remove the hook as the hook was deep gutted, I used it as my first big game bait of the night hoping to get a stingray.

Uncle Zainuddin and i then set up our gears and casted our baits waiting for some catches.

I went netcasting and caught some Pasir-pasir (Sandeel), a small cuttlefish and palm sized green-eyed squid to be used as big game baits. As the night was a bit boring with no moon to view, Josh asked me to teach him some basic technic of netcasting.

As Josh had enough of his netcasting lesson, he borrowed my tent for a rest. It was around one plus in the morning, when he went into complete body resting, his rod bend and line was peeling off from his reel. Wake him up and he made a good wee morning sprinting and fight with the strong fish which swim to the left. Once brought up, it was an angry fat 2kg Duri (Marine Catfish) hitting its body on the sand. As i was helping out to hold the swivel-snap part, suddenly i felt a sharp prick to left index finger and it was oozing with some blood.

When i inspect the snap, i was shocked to see that the snap part had came off and bend, I told Josh that he would have lost this fish if he had pump in the rod strongly.

As tide was going down, we decide to end our 10hrs fishing.

Gone Fishing...
5:14 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

With the birth of our fishing blog, the first built, completed & first post, I have seen that lots of visitor have came in to say their well wishes thru our tag board.

In two days after the birth of this blog, the counter which only hits every unique ip address will logged into the counter data and this have passed the 200 visits.

Because of this, our teams have promised that, we will hunt for more Catch Report and post it in our blog for visitors to view.

So visitors, you may want to add our blog link to your own blogs or websites.

We will constantly updates u with our latest Catch Report from time to time when we are out fishing for Netcasting, Big Games & Small Games.

Signing out,
Singapore Surf Anglerz
Team Yaman Fishing

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1:13 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Azzahar, Saleh, Yan, Hassan & Fairoz
Date: 5 April 2007
Tide: 2.7m - 0.7m
Spot: CP6 Surfcast Area
Target: Big Game & Small Game

Originally, thc -aka- Obek Janggut from Eastcorez Surfanglerz smsed me early in the morning to go fishing with the rest of Eastcorez Surfanglers at CP6. Then in the afternoon, the rest of the main cast called me up to go fishing too also at CP6.

It was around 2pm, i ride up to Pasir Ris Pond to buy some sinkers and light stick and also to meet the rest of the cast. Weather was super hot and i was having some giddiness due to the unbearable heat.

After buying the necessary stuff, i went back home and get a bit of rest before tying some big game rig and prepare my cooler box with my drinks and ice. Not to forget, my mum did prepared me some nasi sambal goreng for me to eat.

Reach spot at 8pm and i could see that, there many rods and anglers around fishing. Obek called me up that he couldn't make it. Met my fellow kakis at the spot which i have brought them there before.

Once parked the bike, walked back to spot, set up tent and started fishing. Once cast the small game, took out my netcast and starting casting out.

First cast, i got a pasir2 which i send out as bait. Second cast, in came a big cuttlefish with the size of around an adult palm with tua bak & flower crab. While i was removing the tua bak, suddenly the cuttlefish squirt it's ink from a far to my face and shirt and it really got it's target. Damn, i am dirtied by the cuttlefish.

Third cast, again a big cuttlefish and a smaller cuttlefish, this time i would not be fooled again, went to it's opposite and grab it's body and put into a pail.

After having enough of netcasting, feeding frenzy came in for the rods, all small game rods were the Man of the Match for this outing, from small duri to big size duri were caught. The biggest was a 1kg duri caught by Salleh and also his first ever big size fish on shore fishing. While the only nice size Gerut-gerut goes to Yan which made a good dash and even peel out his line out from his Abu multiplier.

It was at around 3.30am when we decided to stop fishing as the tide has gone down at a fast speed.

Gone Fishing...
8:49 PM