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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Team: Back to Basic SSA, Memphisbelle Crew, Lance
Cast: Sazali, Azzahar, Wak Kamsani, Lance
Tide: 0.4, 2.2, 1.6, 2.8
Spot: Last Hut
Weapon: The good And The Great

Saturday is the only day for us to go hunting, met wak kamsani at his usual hunting,
I and jali join with him and lance. Both of us were just targeting a decent size fish.
Just a simple CR, 500gm Pari, and duri. Humble catch only. As fo
r wak kamsani, i will just wait for his news. Stay tuned kakis!!

Gone Fishing...
3:01 AM

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Date: 19 feb 2011
Cast: Jaliboy, Jagatheesh, Sabri, Wak Ali, Mamat, Fazli, Hadi(SHORE BROTHERS) Khidir Ortiz n Paul Keling(EASTCOREZ SURFANGLERZ)
Venue: Beach rd
Tide: 0.4 - 2.8
Weapon: Rod Gula2 Sahaja
Fish: International Fish

Tebal pipi
Unga tanda

Well, humble catches from the mention aboves, Shore Brothers hauled up 25 pieces of Glamour, Jag n myself hauled up duri, tebal pipi n ACK. The rest as per normal. Yg penting semua enjoy.
Quote of the day: Aku datang, aku relax, dorg dah set up, isi umpan sehendak hati, aku tetap buka nasi lemak changi, dah kenyak baru aku set up, buat rig relax2, tengok member yg lain dah naik ikan baik2, baru aku isi umpan kaw kaw giler. Baru aku cast. Pendulum? Tak main aku, Aku tahu sidecast atau OTG. Da cast lebih 100m. Mata dah stone, Aku tidur pun baik. Khidir 2359... Tidur Pun cantik.. Zzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzrreeeeetttt!!!

Gone Fishing...
1:28 AM

Cast: Azzahar, Ghany metzrocco, Wan Keropok
Venue: Isle D Kitty
Tide: Entah ehhh
Weapon: Ganas Ganas

Just a humble update
Tight Lines Surfcasters

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1:17 AM

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Great News

Azzahar and the team will be back in action soon. Stay tune for our Updates!!!

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3:46 PM

Gentle Reminder To SSA Kaki's

Please Update your Catches To The Admin
So that we can update our lovely blog

Long Live SSA. Cheers. Tight Line Jangan line Longgar k!

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12:47 PM