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Monday, June 23, 2008

Team: Two Surf Braderz
Cast: Azzahar & Man Kerapu
Date: 22 June 2008
Tide: 2.7m
Spot: East Coast Beach
Target: Small Game

It's been few weeks since we last went fishing. With the loss of my grandmother from dad side in the afternoon followed by grandmother from mum side being warded in Changi General Hospital in the evening, things were getting hard for my family.

Two weeks later, I started out working at a new company so, that causes me to rest from fishing for another week! So it was on 22 May 2008, that I really called up Man Kerapu that I would want to go fishing.

Time and spot were decided. Tonight outing are meant for short time which means few hours outing and try out at new spot. Simple bait were used for this test outing which is the universal bait; fresh peeled prawn.

Tonight outing belongs to Man as he caught one of the biggest Gemang he ever caught.

Enjoy the photos below.

Gone Fishing...
10:28 PM

Friday, June 13, 2008

Updates By Bro Y of DSG: 2008 Tournament Casting Schedule

Due to the last Malaysian Election, Tournament Casting which was confirmed last March / April in Pahang have been postponed till further notice.

But for those casters out there, don't be despair as DSG will be hosting a Mini Casting Tournament on a field soon.

Tomorrow night, Saturday (14 June 2008), located at the beach near Big Splash (DSG wet casting ground) will be hosting Mini Fishing Tournament Jackpot. Pool among DSG members and they have invites some outsiders to join in.

The joining fee will be $10. The biggest catch (1st), (2nd) & (3rd) will receives the total fees divided into 3. 1st placing will receives slightly more than 2nd placing while 3rd will receives the balance after the 2nd placed.

Mini Fishing Tournament will starts from 8pm - 8am. Please join in the fun if you are free tomorrow night.

Gone Fishing...
2:16 PM