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Monday, July 16, 2007

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Azzahar & GF & Yan
Date: 15 July 2007
Tide: 2.5m
Spot: Changi CP4
Target: Small Game

Fishing outing just to cool off minds while rest and relax by the beach with my girlfriend & Yan. Bought sarong worms and sand worms using a one hook rig.

Called Yan at 10am if he is interested in going fishing and was happy that he answered that he was waiting for someone to call him up to go fishing. Met him at spot at 1pm where tide is about to goes down. Out goes our bait and Yan was the first to strike a Mempinang (Russell Snapper) & the next cast, he brought up an Usat (Eel-tail Catfish). Soon it was turn to bring the biggest Mempinang for the day followed by smaller version.

Catch was good just before rain came. Once the rain started to downpour, catches suddenly came to a halt and we decide to pack up and return home at 6pm.

Managed to meet a new friend senior family which consist of Pakcik Hamid, his wife and daughter which i made friends while fishing at Bedok Jetty. Such a pleasant day for us to meet them fishing at the same area as us. They were much more lucky landing up a nice sized grouper and mempinang too.

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8:06 PM

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Yan, Saleh, Fadil & Saleh
Date: 02 July 2007
Tide: 2.4m
Spot: Changi CP6
Target: Small Game

A late submission of photos from Fadil and i will just update it.

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8:01 PM

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Azzahar, Yan, Saleh, Fadil & Sazali
Date: 03 July 2007
Tide: 2.5m
Spot: Bedok Jetty
Target: Big Game, Small Game, Floater

It was on Tuesday, when I was on MC as i had a headache in the morning. In the afternoon, Saleh called me that he's was at Bedok Jetty with the rest of the members fishing for fun. He asked if i am interested to come down and join them.

So i answered of course!!! Been itching and been a long time i have not fish together with the others. So i came down with no baits at all as the rest of the crew were arming themselves with 500grams of fresh prawns.

I arrived at 2.45pm, Saleh and Yan had already around 15 pcs of Tamban (Herring) as he said that it's been half and hour they arrived and caught the tambans. Saleh was fuming that he lost a respectable Ikan Sagai (Giant Trevally) when the fish survived by flipping back into the sea.

I then passed Saleh one of my killing antidote and within 3hrs, we have hit a total of 577 pieces of Tambans which have a combined weight of 9.2kg.

Later, I started fuming all over when my floater rig was dragged by a nice size Ikan Todak (local swordfish) or might be a big trevally species which took off with my live tamban as bait. Judging from the bent of my rod and drag setting, I knew it should be bigger than 3kg because my line was peeling out very fast. I tried to hold the rod but can't as the pull was strong enough that I could not remove the rod from the holder.

What a day!!!!

Anyway, enjoy looking at the photos.

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6:09 PM

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz & Team Yaman Fishing
Cast: Azzahar, Uncle Hishamuddin & Ariffin
Date: 02 June 2007
Tide: 2.8m
Spot: Changi CP7
Target: Small Game & Big Game

A last minutes planning by my uncle who wanted to go fishing just before I was about to sleep.

Bought baits, food & drinks at Changi Village off we go to the spot and started fishing. The whole night was very dull except for just a single catch report of 300 grams Eel-tailed catfish ('Usat' in Malay terms)

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5:57 PM

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Azzahar, Azzahar GF & Yan
Date: 26 May 2007
Tide: 0.9m
Spot: Changi Jetty "Puaka"
Target: Small Game

Since it was raining cats and dogs for the past weeks and all of our fishing outing plans were halted, I decided to go on fishing even it's raining for as long I took care of my safety.

In the afternoon, went for a short fishing outing of four hours to the spot and only managed to land a 0.3kg plus minus puffer fish which i released it back unharmed after taking picture of it.

Feeling it wasn't enough to kill the fishing itch, I returned home, bathed and had my dinner and off to other spot for another small fishing outing.

This time i was rewarded with something else and at least i'm happy with it.

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5:39 PM

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Yan, Saleh & Josh
Date: 20 May 2007
Tide: 2.9m
Spot: Changi CP6
Target: Big Game & Small Game

A last minute plan by the team to bash the area for some fishing outings.

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5:33 PM