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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Results for the 2007 World Championship Surf & Shore Angler are out and we are pleased to inform that Singapore Surf Anglerz have done relatively well in our first invitation and try in a world surf fishing tournament stage.

Despite being new learner like us, we just did our very best and followed the rules.

Here are the results.

Singapore Surf Anglerz won the 2007 Singapore Champion Surf & Shore Team Division and coming in 2nd place at the overall division which comprises teams from all over the world.

As in individual contenders division, Azzahar won the 2007 Singapore Champion Surf & Shore Angler award and came in 5th in the overall individual contender division. Azzahar was challenged by two other Singaporean anglers who have joined in the tournament who was ranked overall 10th and 16th respectively.

Congratulation Singapore Surf Anglerz! You have done the team proud despite we are relatively new in fishing.

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