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Monday, April 07, 2008

Hi Guys, ever heard of OGGI Singapore? This is a website about the one-stop shopping promotion guide.

I have just surf through the web page and was excited to know that there are such webpage exist from Singapore giving web surfers and consumers like us ton of informations & promotions such as discounts and good deals that we the consumers didn't know.

In this pages, there are lots of user friendly categories which allows me to view the links easily.

It actually help us to save some of our extra hard earned money through their ways of posting up promotions in their website before we decides to make purchases.

For example, I didn't knew that when we ride our normal SBS buses, there are such thing as promotion to redeem and bid for 3 days 2 nights holiday resort stay to Bintan Lagoon Resort by SBS Transit listed in OGGI Singapore.

On top of that, from what I have viewed the hot category which contains a red star beside the caption of "Fashion", I guess your wife or girlfriends will be the most tempted to it as there are lots of promotions going on from John Little Mega Expo Sale and other promotion going on in Singapore from 3 April 2008 to 13 April 2008 at Singapore Expo Hall 5.

Well, for us avid anglers who loves fishing overseas either to Australia or Bangkok might be tempted at looking for the good bargain price of Air tickets under the "Airfares" category which allow us to travel to the country at a good deal price.

What I should commend OGGI Singapore for their creative and innovative ideas are, each consumers like us could just easily surf through OGGI Singapore website and save our precious time to choose what promotions and deals are going on by just clicking under each different links of categories that we are looking for from OGGI Singapore.

Who knows, in future, you might see our hobbies collections and gears, which is the Fishing, might just ended up in OGGI Singapore website and giving us, anglers, lots of information on good deals and promotion going on such as fishing trips and fishing tackles.

Thumbs up for the OGGI Singapore.

P/S: For those anglers with newborns and young toddlers, from what I have seen in OGGI Singapore, Pampers Active Baby are giving 30% discount this April 08.

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