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Monday, April 07, 2008

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz & Eastcorez Surfanglerz
Cast: Azzahar & Man Kerapu
Date: 02 March 2008
Tide: 0.7m
Spot: Pulau Ubin 2524
Target: Big Game & Small Game

Man Kerapu called the night before stating that he was a bit sad to stay home seeing his family members grieving with sadness after Man's grandmother passed away on Sunday.

Intention to fish short time at Eastcoast but thinking of leng being put up during the day put us to reconsider. So the ideas of fishing either at Changi Carpark 4 or 7 was finally decided.

Once parked my motorcycle at the motorcycle parking lot at Changi Village, off we went over to Gary's to buy baits and necessary stuff such as drinks and food. Saw Raimi sitting at a chair near Gary shop while awaiting for Asyiq to arrive. Ask them where they are heading to, they informed us that they are heading to Pulau Ubin for cycling.

Pulau Ubin suddenly hit an idea for me to reccee a new spot with Man Kerapu. With low resources we have right now, Man Kerapu was shocked upon hearing and was swearing that even his national service army reservist unit recalls are not like what I made a sudden change of idea.

Hehe, but in the end, both of us went to Pulau Ubin and started reccee for new spots. We thought of getting a transport to ferry us to a nearby spots and they asked for $20.00 to and fro from the jetty.

We relented due to the expensive price and we decided to walk. Off we walk to spot and entered a kampung through a path and we just walked and walked till we found a beach. The beach was clean and there were few bottles around, no leftover baits, no used hooks nor fishing lines so we just made an impression that this spot might be known only to a few anglers.

Spot was full of potentials even we were fishing at low tide 0.7m. My big game was hooked by tekuk when Man saw my small game rod was pulled strongly once till 90 degrees by a fish either by a big size grouper or siakap and half of the leader was cut by rocks structures under sea. Once he ran to my rod, it was too late by then.

With its tide, I managed to land and then release all catches due to its small size. Once we finished fishing, Man says that this spot really have its potential should the tide is perfect.

Enjoy the photos.

Gone Fishing...
9:27 PM