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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Team: Two Surf Braderz
Cast: Azzahar & Man Kerapu
Date: 09 August 2008
Tide: 0.7m
Spot: Pulau Ubin
Target: Small Game

It's been always Man Kerapu form for landing in fish but there's a change in luck tonight for me.

We thought of going to fish at various place but the tide seems not to be in favour with us. Most shops in Changi have low supply of baits so we decided to buy ten packets of sarong worms. After much discussion with Man, we decide to fish in Pulau Ubin and try to aim for scale fish since tide wasn't good.

Once we reach in Pulau Ubin, we moved to our first spot, heavy rain started to downpour along the way and causes both of us to be fully drench without shelter. It took around five hours later for the rain to stop.

But the worst has yet to come, as we both we attacked by thousands of sandflies and the roaring of wild boar and lots of shining eyes looking at us.

By 10.30pm, Man Kerapu could not take it and prompted us to fish at other spot since he felt very uncomfortable by the eyes looking at us. We have to take small stones and utter some verses from the Quran and started to throw into the bushes.

Since we only have two headlight for us to find our way back to the jetty area, we know that there's a high risk of wild dogs and wild boars around us so we prepare a gaff and our surf rod butt section as weapon. Thank God that nothing happened to us.

We reach a new spot where it's consider public spot in Pulau Ubin. I started out the ball rolling by casting out the bait, it was less than 2 minutes later that I reeled in good size Duri Belalang.

The next subsequent cast, it was a one cast one hit where I landed in big Tebal Pipi to rare Kerisi Bali from shore and a rare look-a-like Goatfish. Even flower crabs too were hook up.

Total catch for the night excluding baits, Man Kerapu 0 - Azzahar 16.

Whatever it is, to keep it short and sweet, view the attached picture below.

Gone Fishing...
4:10 PM