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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Team: Singapore Surf Anglerz
Cast: Azzahar, Saleh & Sazali
Date: 15 May 2009
Tide: 2.5m
Spot: Changi CP 6
Target: Small Game

It's been months that the whole lots of us has been hibernated away from fishing.

Since one of my company vessel is reaching Cambodia tonight and I am awaiting for a confirmation SMS from the vessel Satellite phone. So in order to stay awake for the whole night, I called up Saleh and Sazali if they want to go fishing together while I was on the way to the mosque for my Friday prayers.

Few fishing locations were brought up by me but we decides to go to Changi CP 6 as there is a shelter for us just in case of rain during this unpredictable wet weather month.

After my working time has ended, I rushed back home from the office to prepare all necessary stuff for fishing.

Sazali managed to secure five tubs of wat-wat worm earlier via phone order and I secured two packets of fresh squids.

I met Saleh at Changi Village at about 8pm and once we have got all of our baits and food supplies, we head for Changi CP6 second last hut. Sazali joined in while I was setting up my rod.

The skies looked as if it will be raining heavily soon but thank goodness that it didn't rain.

The water condition looked promising. As it was raining quite heavily earlier in the afternoon, we were hoping to land good sizes of Marine Catfish aka Duri.

We waited for the first bite but it seems that the crabs are feeding on our baits throughout the night.

Saleh began to switch to a smaller hook and was rewarded with a small mempinang at about three in morning followed by a small ray an hour later.

It was about five in the morning when Saleh started to rest for the night followed by Sazali later on.

I persevered but Game Over by quarter to six in the morning with the rest of the guys.

It was about half past six in the morning that Saleh and myself woke up to clear the area and packed up our things bit by bit.

While packing up, we realised that there was a long net being placed stretching from the start of CP6 to a nearby CP7. We wouldn't have realised about it until we saw a netter in his speed boat checking out his nets.No wonder, there weren't any fish bite detected from our rod tip throughout the night.

As Sazali was still sleeping and there is nothing much to post to the fishing blog, we decided to snapped some pictures of Sazali sleeping and the morning sunrise.

As such, enjoy the photos while we will be planning to try out East Coast soon.

Gone Fishing...
4:12 PM