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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Team: Boyan Brothers
Cast: Riyan, Jaliboy, Ehem Ehem
Date: 17 January 2010
Tide: 1.4m - 3.0m - 0.3m
Venue: Isle D' Puppio

Silstar powersurf and abu rocket ct 6500
Prokat and slosh20
Century tip tornado sport and shv20
Century tip tornado formula and shv20
ZZiplex V max F2 and GW20

Its an outstanding trip today, nice weather, and also good tide to fish
Today riyan broke jaliboy personal record, he hauled up "hat trick" tudung periuk,
When downtide at 0.3m, jaliboy rod was out of the rod stand, and he realised that his rod was laying on the rocky ground, luckily there is no any injury on the rod, when jaliboy picked up his rod, he realised that something heavy right at the end of the line, he reeled in and striked.. Fuuhhh the feeling was very Kanchong, ehem ehem thought that jaliboy was fooling around, but ehem ehem realised that jaliboy wasn't joking at all, ehem ehem guided jaliboy throughout the the tug of war with the fish, and finally, the fish was swimming near to the shore and ehem ehem saw the fish, and it was a beautiful Tebal pipi!!!! And we all are surprised for the catches from jaliboy.. Anyway its rezeki from God . Amin

Total catches:
1 x 2.9kg Tebal pipi
3 x Tudung periuk
9 x gelama
3 x kapas2
1 x Mr crab
1 x kekek

Here are the pics:

Ah Ha Lai!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gone Fishing...
9:37 PM